Fortunately, most of us will never have to deal with the trauma of a burglary, a house fire, or a natural disaster that damages or destroys our home and belongings.

If the worst should happen, you might be surprised at what you’ll face. Beyond the emotional toll and physical loss of your belongings, your financial protection may not be as strong as you expect it to be.

Here’s what will happen.

Your insurance company will assign you an adjustor, who’ll give you a proof-of-loss form to fill out. This form requires you to list every item that was lost or damaged.

You can probably imagine how tough that can be. Close your eyes now, and try to remember all of the items in a single room of your house. Now imagine doing that during the emotional stress following a disaster.

The form also asks for information to help determine the value and proof of ownership, including such details as model numbers and sales receipts. Do you have those handy?

If a room has been destroyed, or a thief has stormed through your house, you need to remember what has disappeared.

It’s not your adjustor’s job to help you with this, either. They’re there to review your form and determine whether your documentation is detailed enough to submit for a claim.

For those who haven’t prepared a home inventory, settling a claim is almost never painless. It usually takes around a year to get your money – a year of tracking items, researching prices, and spending hours on hold with various parties. And even then, most of these folks report that they’ve left tens of thousands of dollars on the table – belongings that they’ve simply forgotten about.

A home inventory helps you settle your claim quickly and easily

Imagine how much easier it would be if you could simply hand your adjustor a detailed itemization, with all the required documentation to prove replacement value. You’ll be able to go about your business and get back to normal life as soon as possible.

This is just the first of many benefits of a Barreiras Home Inventory.

You’ll also

Ensure you have adequate coverage

When you take stock and realize what you truly own and what it would cost to replace those items, you can review your existing home insurance coverage to make sure you’re properly covered. This also helps you identify valuable items that may require an appraisal now or merit additional coverage in your policy. How much is your jewellery worth – and does your home insurance policy cover it?

Get properly reimbursed in case of a robbery – or even help recover the goods

A thief isn’t going to leave a list of what he’s taken. A home inventory helps you quickly identify what’s missing. And your visual record, along with identifying details such as serial numbers, can even improve the chances you recovering your belongings.

Catalogue your estate

Your children and heirs may not recognize the value of some of your belongings. A treasured work of art or a prized piece of jewellery might be shrugged off. A home inventory provides a record of the value of your assets.

Get it done

Even if you agree it’s a great idea, it’s easy to put off. Putting Barreiras Home Inventory Services on the job gets it taken care of quickly, efficiently and economically. And a third-party inventory is less likely to be challenged by an adjustor.

Enjoy peace of mind

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